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Understand the Power of Copy Design

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    Copy Design is one of the most powerful features in Vault software. Engineers use existing designs in one way or another, whether reusing the designs completely to eliminate design time, copying an existing design, or updating a design, which takes less time. And less time is less cost. Apart from reduced modeling time, design reuse will have further impact in the form of cost and time savings in the downstream engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing. The Copy Design feature in Vault 2020 has many enhancements that help engineers do more, faster, with existing designs. This class will discuss the enhancements to Copy Design, and show you how to use Copy Design to be more productive.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the Copy Design feature
    • Learn about why Copy Design is used
    • Learn how to use Copy Design to reuse existing designs
    • Learn how to configure Copy Design for the best outcome