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Tying It All Together: Using Factory Design Suite and Autodesk PLM 360

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    We've all seen the benefit of working in 3D—and have also seen how Factory Design Suite software helps us get to 3D in facilities design. Now that we have the information modeled, what happens next? Factory Design Suite models are more than just pretty 3D pictures. They can be the visual front end for accessing tremendous amounts of rich and valuable information for downstream application, such as preventive and predictive maintenance, machine tool specification, and cost estimating for design and setup of new lines. This class shows how Factory Design Suite can interact with the PLM 360 cloud service to make a powerful, yet easy-to-implement set of tools that reach across your enterprise.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe how Factory Design Suite and PLM 360 communicate with each other
    • Streamline the bidding process for machine-line installation
    • Build out layouts that deliver more value
    • Identify opportunities to improve communication downstream of facilities design