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Train the Trainer: Make Teaching CAD Fun

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    Do students or coworkers call you Boring Bill, Too Technical Terry, or Monotone Mike? Then this class is for you! Learn how to make teaching CAD fun, not only for your students but for you as well. In today's ever changing technology-based world, we find that there is a need to do more and more training. Whether you are the person in your firm training your co-workers or a professional trainer or instructor, keeping your students interested is critical. Just because you know the technical aspects of CAD, does that mean you are a good instructor? In this class, we look at ways to you make sure your students have confidence that they can use the software after the class is over. Learn how you can get in touch with your class. So whether you've been training for years or have just started and want to pick up some tips, this class can help you out.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the generation gap between students
    • Pick out the different types of student learning styles
    • Prepare your classroom
    • Use techniques to just lighten up