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The ABC'S of USD

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    It's 2023 and you've been wondering "WTF is USD?” You're not alone! Software never stops evolving, and it is easy to feel left behind when new tech enters the scene. Funny enough, that is exactly what USD is aiming to address. USD stands for Universal Scene Description, and it is an open-source initiative, meaning it is being built in a public facing manner, without any single company claiming ownership of its development. Rather, multiple companies share the same vision – a world where sharing production assets among programs is consistent, reliable and easy. In this class you will learn USD's origin, where its currently at in the Media & Entertainment Industry, where it is headed, and how these techniques and technologies add benefit to any industry pipeline.

    Key Learnings

    • What is USD and where did it come from.
    • How is USD being utilized in the M&E industry, and how to use those same tools elsewhere.
    • Learn why open standards are important for the industry.
    • Learn how Autodesk is investing in next-gen technology.