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TWS ETO Application—An Innovative Wheels-Selling Solution System
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This class will give an overview of the inventive wheel-selling Solution for Trelleborg AB called TWS ETO application. This Solution is based on an integration between Inventor Engineer-to-Order software and Configurator 360 software. This is the first project based on this technology in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The scope of the project is the semi-automation of the generation of technical drawings of wheel products in Trelleborg. This solution will give the customer the main benefits, such as simplification and reduction of time, costs, and errors in the drawing production. This session will be composed of 2 main sections. In the introduction section attendees will gradually be introduced to this project experience, including customer background, project scenario, constraints of the project, and customer requirements. In the technical section attendees will go through the project details, including the introduction of Inventor Engineer-to-Order software and Configurator 360 software, the solution architecture, and best practices of the software integration.

Key Learnings

  • Discover Inventor Engineer-to-Order and Configurator 360
  • Practice implementing Inventor Engineer-to-Order and Configurator 360
  • Learn about integration of several software in the same workflow (Inventor Engineer-to-Order / Configurator 360, Inventor, TWS ETO application)
  • Discover innovation technology introduced in the production/solution selling process


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