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Sweco's use of Autodesk & ESRI tech to streamline workflows in architecture

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    From place to project: Adam Sjödin, urban planner and digital strategist from Sweco Architects based in Stockholm Sweden, details project timelines and how data and design flows between GIS, Spacemaker, Sweco's in-house carbon-calculation tool C3, and Revit. Tools such as GIS, Spacemaker, Revit, or all of the above, are often utilized in projects but the different contributors and stakeholders are often stuck in silos, focusing simply on their immediate needs and not a project’s full timeline, which makes them inefficient. To mitigate that, Sweco has developed methods and workflows to streamline the flow of data in projects and to digitalize this process and utilize all available and new data early in the process. This ensures that the project starts on the right foot, workflows are efficient, and that all of the data is available and utilized. The method can be used to pinpoint a place of interest, analyze the potential of the site, to finished project.

    Key Learnings

    • Leverage Autodesk's and Esri's technology to achieve efficient workflows
    • Identify synergies between GIS, Spacemaker, Revit, and other tools
    • Ensure efficiency when sharing data between stakeholders, processes, and platforms
    • Insights into efficient BIM - GIS workflows