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Substation Assemblies for Inventor

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    In this class, we examine substation assemblies and models for a utility. We also look into the lifecycle for substation parts in Vault Professional software. We cover the use of Items to keep track of information, such as purchase price, basic impulse level (BIL), operating voltage, specification information, and more. We discuss how to work in Inventor software and how to use the released bias or non-released bias to an assembly for insertion into your model. Finally, we examine how to keep track of legacy designs and greenfield designs in a standard format.

    Key Learnings

    • Establish required custom properties for parts and assemblies based on the Enterprise Asset Management attribute template
    • Define standard values for required properties by creating enforceable lists inside Vault Professional
    • Create and edit items for parts and assemblies
    • Create item-defined parts and assemblies by attaching to parent items