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Styles and Standards (Project Based): A Roundtable Discussion

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    This 60-minute round-table session will discuss methodologies for standardizing multidiscipline style collections, which are the associated libraries and methodologies available to monitor and enforce project-wide adherence to those standards. This discussion will bring into focus the challenges that arise when working with not only multiple firms but also for inner company departments tasked with developing cohesive plan sets that are both 'intelligent' and congruent throughout. Topics open for discussion will include the use of software to check standards; custom programming to effectively check that system configurations match inside each company; and preconfigured add-on packages provided to each consultant with standards embedded into the templates. We will also discuss the questions of which consultant should lead the standard/style development and whether there should be a project-based standard and what it is that should drive those standards. Further topics will include agency requirements, project document consistency, and content management systems for the project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about project-specific standards for multidisciplines
    • Learn about data sharing and management
    • Learn about content management systems
    • Learn about standards management