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Simulation Tools and the Real World: Coming Together

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    We live in an extraordinary time when simulation and Digital Prototyping tools enable small teams of passionate people to pursue projects that only large corporations or governments could pursue a decade ago. Simulations allow tremendous savings on the physical prototyping and at the same time dramatically accelerate the product development process. Autodesk simulation products are revolutionizing innovation and are opening a complete new world of design where the only limitation is our own creativity. With the increased use of and reliance on simulation tools, it is extremely important to understand the precision of the results and have reliable information on how simulation results compare to the results of physical tests. In this class, we provide a detailed comparison of CFD software and mechanical simulations with the results obtained in our lab. Examples cover thermal expansion, wind tunnel, and heat exchange. This class also provides a tutorial on simulation tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Set up and run simulations using Sim 360™ Pro
    • Compare the results of CFD and mechanical simulations to the results of lab tests
    • More effectively use simulation tools in real-world applications and maximize the benefits of simulation tools
    • Get excited about the future!