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Simulate While You Design with Inventor and Simulation DFM

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    Simulation DFM software loads inside your 3D design tool to give you near-real-time feedback on the quality of your plastic part as you design it. Simulation DFM software reviews things such as nominal wall thickness, draft angle, material cost, part recyclability, sink marks, fill patterns, and more, to grade your part in the categories of manufacturability, cost, and environmental impact. In this class we will look at how we can analyze the part files during the design process. We'll also investigate the effect a change may have on the ability to design the most efficient part while cutting down on design errors for molded parts.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to navigate the Simulation DFM interface
    • Learn how to analyze the model for possible defects
    • Learn how to make changes to the model's material
    • Review cost effects of part changes