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Sell Your First App on the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store

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    Do you have something (anything) cool that you think other Autodesk® product users would like to buy? The new Autodesk Exchange Apps store makes it very easy to get your work in front of hundreds of thousands of customers. Come to this roundtable to ask questions and share your experiences selling apps on Autodesk Exchange. Members of the team who review and publish your apps are available to answer your questions and give you advice on making your app as successful as possible. Anything that you find useful is probably suitable to publish on Autodesk Exchange, including plug-ins, content libraries, e-books, and video tutorials.

    Key Learnings

    • Publish your own app on Autodesk Exchange
    • Make the most of the marketing opportunities available for your apps
    • Set up your app listing to attract as much interest as possible from potential customers