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Security and Adoption of Autodesk Cloud Services By Enterprise Customers

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    If you’ve considered using cloud services but can’t find answers to questions like, “How do I ensure that nobody, not even service provider’s staff can access my data?” “Who has the encryption keys?” “How is the data destroyed after use?” this class is for you. The focus of this class will be to understand and summarize your concerns about security of moving data to the cloud and adoption of new Autodesk, Inc., services. We will discuss potential scenarios/options that could address your concerns. No service can guarantee total security and protection, and there is no “silver bullet” addressing all potential security concerns. In the class we will try to define what you can do with Autodesk to demonstrate that Autodesk 360 cloud services are secure and ready for sensitive workloads that require a higher standard of encryption.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover and summarize concerns about security of moving data to the cloud and adoption of new Autodesk services
    • Discuss and learn about potential options of using secure key management services to control access to the data in the cloud
    • Discover document scenarios that demonstrate enterprises’ security standards of Autodesk cloud and help to drive adoption
    • Discover pros/cons of technologies in cloud security in providing alternatives to the trusted on-premise security modules