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Redshift Presents: How the Pandemic Is Accelerating Cloud Adoption and Business-Model Innovation

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    While it’s certainly not surprising that the cloud-computing market got a major boost due to the pandemic, what’s stunning is just how much. According to market-intelligence firm CB Insights, investors have spent nearly $3 billion on cloud-computing funding between April and June in 2020. Many companies were already on a path to digitization and digitalization, but COVID-19 sped up the acceleration of cloud technologies as billions of people were forced to work remotely. Months later, after the dust settled from everyone's efforts to react, cope, and build resilience, one promising silver lining of the pandemic is that it’s opening doors to new and innovative business models and ways of working. In this panel, executives from NVIDIA, Ansys, Advance2000, Symetri, and Autodesk will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the acceleration to cloud and platform solutions and why they believe digital transformation will lead to better and longer-lasting prospects in the future. Hear from Bob Pette from NVIDIA, Chris France from Advance2000, Eric Bantegnie from Ansys, Nick John from Symetri, and Autodesk CIO Prakash Kota.

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