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Is That Really a Rendering?

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    It's not enough to know how to create striking 3D renderings; you have to make images that really sell. To effectively sell your renderings, you need the knowledge of a photographer. This class will introduce worthy architectural photography principles and show you how to apply them to 3D renderings. You will learn how to translate good image composition, lighting, and staging to your renderings. This class will also discuss photographic phenomena (such as vignetting, barrel distortion, and glare), and we will cover how to fine-tune these photographic flaws to your advantage to create compelling visualizations that really sell.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to differentiate good renderings and photographs from bad ones
    • Discover the 3 principles of photography
    • Discover the 4 rules of photography composition
    • Discover at least 4 photographic phenomena and how they affect images