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Reality Capture API on Forge – Build highly scalable reality capture applications

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    ReCap Photo is a cloud- connected high performance photogrammetry desktop application that allows digitizing reality using digital cameras.<br /><br />The application can automatically turn a series of overlapping 2D photos of an object or a scene into a very high resolution and photo realistic textured 3D mesh model.<br /><br />And it has the capability to process aerial images captured via UAV/Drones to create detailed engineering/survey grade data like mesh models, point clouds and ortho images that are geo-located. It supports features like specifying ground control points and geo-referenced coordinate systems.<br /><br />With the introduction of the Reality Capture API on Forge, anyone can access the same powerful technology to convert digital images to 3D/2.5D models for various industrial use cases, leveraging cloud computing.<br /><br />In this class, one will learn how to use the Reality Capture Web API with code samples to add highly-scalable photogrammetry capability to their desktop, web or mobile applications.

    Key Learnings