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React Quickly to Market and Business Needs and Stay Ahead of the Competition

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    Collaboration, security, and integration—success factors that are critical to staying ahead of the competition. Managing the change is a challenge, especially if several stakeholders are involved. We want to highlight in this class the approach we took to implementing Vault software in a multisite environment, integrating in the enterprise business environment, respecting the needs and goals of each entity, and getting quick wins in place without losing sight of the roadmap. How can you protect the IP as the customer is working for several clients (internal and external)? What are the challenges in a changing environment when going from local, and how are they different from when you’re going from global and standard? What are the benefits? We will use a real customer project to showcase our experience. We will also highlight the technical solution we put in place.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to plan a global implementation project involving several customers/departments
    • Learn how to ensure quick wins are put in place to drive a more global and complex change
    • Learn how to capture the business requirements properly and address them in the designed solution
    • Learn how to improve the communication internally and externally within a changing business environment