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Raster Imagery for Mapping and Land Development Professionals

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    Explore the functionality in AutoCAD® Raster Design, and AutoCAD® Map 3D software for working with aerial imagery, viewing Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data, editing scanned maps and photos, and converting raster data into vector. Learn how to accurately insert georeferenced images. Insert and correlate non-referenced images. Access and manage imagery using image manipulation tools. Improve image display with nonlinear tonal adjustment and palette controls. Create slope and elevation maps from DEM data. The class will also look at draping images on surface models and the raster capabilities of the AutoCAD Map 3D Feature Data Objects (FDO) functions.

    Key Learnings

    • Generate color elevation models from a DEM data file
    • Connect to raster data with AutoCAD Map 3D FDOs
    • Insert and manage multiple georeferenced images
    • Control image correlation and display settings