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Purging Old Misconceptions: Best Practices for Meshing in Simulation Moldflow Insight

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    This class will cover the use of meshing options in Simulation Moldflow software. We frequently find that the Simulation Moldflow software user is unaware or unsure of which mesh type to use or what it is that constitutes a suitable mesh for a given geometry. We will discuss what a suitable mesh consists of and how the mesh helps to create more accurate results when running an analysis. We will cover, among other things, the importance of a refined mesh versus a course mesh, and we will discuss the instances when the over refinement of a mesh versus the under refinement no longer poses a benefit to an analysis. We will also explore common issues that we find with different mesh types, and we'll look at ways in which to manually improve the quality of a mesh.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the need for proper mesh representation and configuration
    • Discover the ideal use of mesh types, mesh options, and mesh configuration
    • Discover the influence of improper mesh use
    • Learn how to incorporate other tools to improve quality