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From Product Development to Product Execution

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    All too often the sharing of product and project-related information from product/project development teams into manufacturing is a very manual and inefficient activity, typically driven by people creating, searching for, and chasing data and then relying on individuals to pass the right information to the right people at the right time. As we hear on many occasions from manufacturers, this can be fraught with delays and errors which ultimately impacts delivery time and cost. There is a better way. In a first of its kind, this class will bring together the worlds of product development and product execution to provide examples of how these two disciplines can actually take advantage of each other to reduce the risk of late delivery, increased costs, poor quality etc through poor information, data and processes. Whether it be 3D models, 2D drawings, Bill of Materials data, specifications, procurement, quality management, change management, project management etc we want to show you how you can share and re-use that information to downstream users.Adam Freeman from UK-based CRM & ERP vendor The Access Group has been working with manufacturers for more than 15 years on how they can streamline and remove waste within their make, buy and resource transactions. Autodesk Solutions Specialist Steve Bedder has been doing a similar thing with manufacturers but within the product/project development processes. Together Adam and Steve cover pretty much the complete value stream of how information, data and processes are created, managed and shared and in this class will share some of the best practices on how you can improve the way your business integrates from product development to product execution.

    Key Learnings

    • Apply industry best practices
    • Use new workflows and ways of working
    • Benefit from examples and success stories
    • Discover a joined workflow between product development and product execution