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Procedural and Automated Workflows in Alias for Automotive

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    In this class we will go over some of the new features in Alias software that can help in procedural modeling techniques, and tools that you can create with scripts to be driven through Dynamo software. Dynamo is a visual programming platform that you can use to create custom algorithms to process data and generate geometry. Since version 2019, we have had an integration of Dynamo in our Alias line of products (Concept, Surface, and AutoStudio). With the latest release of 2021, we have included Dynamo player, which enables anyone to run scripts and capitalize on the power of these tools to improve workflows and processes to save time and effort.

    Key Learnings

    • Get an overview of procedural and automated workflows in Alias for automotive.
    • Discover how to apply scripts with Dynamo player.
    • Learn how Dynamo can improve efficiency and workflows in Alias.
    • Discover how scripts can be applied when modeling in Alias.