Lecture    CI3081
Pointing out AutoCAD Civil 3D Points
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Points have many settings that can help import, create, and manage through style formats, description keys, label components and even layer controls. As we work in AutoCAD Civil 3D software, we all start to find ways we can optimize our point data whether it's by importing, exporting, or creation. In this class, you learn tips and tricks that will help you in your process of working with your Civil 3D points by display through styles. You learn ways to manage these points through groups and examine settings as you manage your point drawing. We also dig deeper into a Civil 3D template to help you manage points through styles and settings. I'm excited to show you options to control your points via a style through layers, text styles, and options using tips I've learned in the industry and from training others.

Key Learnings

  • Feel comfortable working with points in a drawing and using new ways to manage them effectively
  • Use point styles to help build a better template for your firm
  • Explain how layers and text styles work in point label styles
  • Share and use tips for controlling points from the 3 previous class objectives



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