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Plant Design Suite: Introduction to Intelligent Project Setup and Execution

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    Learn how to improve productivity through the development of key concepts and efficient workflows to successfully execute an intelligent plant project with Plant Design Suite. You will learn how to streamline P&ID design, 3D modeling, orthographic and isometric drawing production, project reports, and construction document generation. This class will show you how to utilize the built-in intelligence capabilities and efficiently extract project data. We will cover how to use and customize the intrinsic intelligence capabilities of tags and annotations to simplify project data management. You will also learn how to integrate data from third-party applications into Plant Design Suite projects. We will demonstrate how Plant Design Suite can coordinate across disciplines in order to develop intelligent project drawings and 3D models, including significant pumping, piping, structural, and instrumentation and control elements (for example, set points and alarms).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop methodologies for project setup and workflows
    • Learn how to coordinate efforts between disciplines to minimize rework and project documentation errors
    • Learn how to streamline project document production
    • Learn how to incorporate data from third-party applications into the project database