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Plan with everyone - See into the future of digitized work planning

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    In this era of tight margins and high costs, no one can afford workers standing around on site due to incomplete prior work, or mismanaged schedules. Collaborative planning and other lean construction principles promise contractors the ability to improve productivity to deliver projects successfully within budget and on schedule. In this session, you will hear from leading construction companies that have adopted lean for over a decade on the lessons learned. DPR Construction will share how, over the years, they have digitized their schedules and have implemented digital work planning tools. As part of the early beta users for the new Work Plan tool in Autodesk Build, DPR will share their experience and provide insights into what worked well and future opportunities for even more enhanced productivity through collaborative work planning. The Autodesk Work Plan product team will be on hand to moderate the discussion, demonstrate product functionality, and share roadmap initiatives.

    Key Learnings

    • Lean construction as a continues improvement journey
    • Learn how leading contractors are preparing their project teams for success by digitizing their short-term plans
    • Learn how teams can run collaborative sessions both in-person and remote with Work Plan in Autodesk Build
    • How to track commitments, roadblocks, and performance to mitigate project risks