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Pivoting AutoCAD to Support the Hybrid Workforce

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    The past number of years has flipped the workforce on its head. Are you working in the office, at home, or remotely? How about your coworkers?How about working with customers? How are you integrating the ever-changing supplier channel? Autodesk has positioned AutoCAD to support this new paradigm. Let's explore working on the desktop, from a browser, and on your smart device. We'll dive into how to securely share designs with others and then collaborate smartly. Markups? No problem - trace, annotate, callout, and add revision clouds. Let's create a single source of truth, collaborate, iterate, and make the project deadline.

    Key Learnings

    • Work with AutoCAD on the desktop, in a browser, and on a smart device
    • Share designs with others, inside and outside the corporate firewall
    • Collaborate
    • Integrate markups to drive design changes