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Performance-Based Sustainable Design Thinking Through Autodesk BPA Education

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    Reducing energy use and carbon emissions from buildings is essential for solving the global climate crisis. Although the earth's atmosphere just exceeded the critical threshold of 400 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere, many of today's architects and engineers are not equipped to tackle this problem with sound building science and useful energy analysis. This is true for both graduating students and practicing professionals. In response to this need, the Autodesk education team, sustainability team, and product teams are working together to deliver a suite of educational programs. Hear from the people creating these programs and the people using them, and learn how they can help you, your classroom, and your firm.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the importance of building science and building performance analysis
    • Describe how the tools across Autodesk's portfolio of building design software can help reduce energy use
    • Identify an educational program that is right for them, and that they can participate in after Autodesk University
    • Describe Autodesk's strategic direction for software tools and education related to building performance analysis