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PDM 2014 @ Franke: Global replacement of a running data management system

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    Franke Foodservice Systems - relies on an advanced, highly distributed data management backbone to coordinate the design process for his products around the globe. Replacing the existing aging but well established solution with a Vault based system presented a number of challenges to the joint project team. Requirements were tough and seemingly contradicting: the system needed to be heavily customized to align with existing standards and processes - but stay close to out-of-the box offerings, interruption to the production process and the use of engineering resources for solution design, testing and acceptance needed to be minimal - but the system should match the requirements of a large, globally and culturally diverse company. It has been achieved. The lecture describes how collaboration between customer and Autodesk Consulting can solve such quite typical business riddle. See the project from the end user, customer project manager and Autodesk technical lead perspective.

    Key Learnings

    • Global Solution Rollout with non downtime
    • Data Migration from and into a replicated environement
    • Customization's and Challenges
    • View of an end user before, during and after the rollout