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Overcoming the Seven Deadly Sins of Onboarding and Employee Upskilling

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    Are you a glutton for employee learning and upskilling? Do you lust over new employee onboarding and upskilling programs that work? Bad experiences can leave your employees full of wrath and joining the ranks of the Great Resignation. With the battle for top talent stronger than ever, there’s no time to be slothful. Your employees, both new and established, will be green with envy for the outstanding learning experiences you’ll learn how to provide after attending this class. Who knows, you might even find employees greedily consuming learning content versus avoiding it like the plague. Taught by two award-winning Autodesk University instructors, this session will focus on overcoming the sins of onboarding and upskilling employees – putting your programs on a righteous path. We’ll explore the process of defining program objectives, developing scalable training plans, strategies for social learning and mentoring, and providing a pathway for your team to learn, grow, and lead.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify the internal and external factors affecting employee onboarding and development.
    • Learn how to overcome the common mistakes that limit the success of onboarding and upskilling employees.
    • Discover strategies to avoid falling into traditional learning and development traps.
    • Implement proven methods for social learning and mentoring.