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Optimizing a Transformeräs External Insulation Cover Using Simulation Moldflow

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    A transformer's external insulation cover is an important part that has a significant influence in the transformer's security and reliability. During recent years these covers have been manufactured using traditional processes that do not incorporate much technology in the design process. However, we can use Simulation Moldflow software in a way that would enable us to optimize the process and the design of the cover, thereby achieving a suitable design that could still comply with the electrical isolation needs and mechanical and shape objectives, as well as reduce the current cost of the material and the process. In this class we'll explore how well the module correlates with real-world molded samples, we'll determine the most effective approach for using the thermoset module to optimize an electrical component, and we'll discuss any current solver limitations.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how the thermoset molding process works
    • Learn how to set up a thermoset analysis in Simulation Moldflow Insight software
    • Apply a thermoset methodology that helps to optimize material and weight savings
    • Discover how the Simulation Moldflow Insight software's thermoset solver correlates with molded samples