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Optimization of Injection Molding Process Settings Using Iliad and Moldflow

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    The optimization of injection molding process parameters and part designs is usually a manual process, utilizing ad hoc methods and dependent on user expertise. OmniQuest’s Iliad Design Exploration and Automation Studio now features a dedicated interface with Moldflow Insight software, bringing enhanced optimization and design automation capabilities to injection molding simulation. This interface creates the opportunity for design space exploration through studies such as 1) optimization, 2) response surface modeling to establish mathematical relationships between process parameters, 3) design of experiments, and 4) reliability analysis. By using Iliad’s integration capability and direct interfaces to Ansys Workbench, Python, and other CAE software, you can also control the complete design cycle using a single platform, including running macros and additional stress analysis. We will showcase how Iliad delivers real cost benefits to Moldflow Insight users through multiple case studies.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply design exploration studies to better understand the relationships between injection molding parameters
    • Learn how to optimize injection molding process parameters to achieve better performance and cost savings
    • Learn how to automate the improvement of the injection molding process and part design
    • Discover solution possibilities not considered previously