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New Paradigms for Student Learning in the K12 Classroom

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    Research in the areas of cognition and learning underscore the fact that the still dominant 20th-century model of schooling is failing to prepare students for the realities of life and work in the 21st-century global economy. This class focuses on how the new U.S. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can serve as a catalyst for innovating new technology-enhanced approaches to learning that can mitigate this problem. These standards are built upon a foundation of reasoning practices that if implemented appropriately will significantly alter curriculum, pedagogy, and the roles of teachers and students inside and outside of the classroom. Through a series of case studies, attendees can learn how Autodesk® design and creativity apps, when aligned with CCSS and NGSS, can create new paradigms for student learning in core academic areas that include English language arts, social studies, science, math, and art.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the major shift in U.S. education which is driven by the emergence of common core and next-generation science standards
    • Describe how technology will play a pivotal role in reshaping how students learn in the future
    • Explain how Autodesk consumer applications can transform learning in core academic courses
    • Access and use Autodesk® consumer applications and curricular resources to transform student learning