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Networking Autodesk Products Beyond Z
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Autodesk, Inc., licensing expert Jerry Milana has helped hundreds of companies implement, troubleshoot, and maintain Autodesk license management systems over the last 20-plus years. Jerry will share proven, successful concepts that will save your company money and spare you headaches. Starting the license manager and getting the applications to the desktop are important first steps; but there is more to responsible software-asset management. Ongoing management is needed if you want to keep the help desk quiet and maximize your company’s software investment. This course will help you understand the tools and techniques available to you and the compelling reasons to implement them.

Key Learnings

  • Develop a sustainable licensing maintenance plan
  • Learn how to recognize early symptoms of problems and have action plans ready
  • Learn how to manage license access and borrowing to realize maximum utilization efficiency
  • Evaluate utilization reporting options



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