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Modernizing Alias: Breathing new life into automotive design

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    Alias has long been an industry standard modeling software used for automotive design. Autodesk is in the process of making a very significant investment into Alias, with enhancements to the user interface, new modeling paradigms, and the API. Matt Sederberg, Sr. Product Line Manager for Alias, will talk about the evolving trends in automotive design and how Alias is being enhanced to meet these demands. This session features Alias SpeedForm and Alias AutoStudio.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn which technology trends are most impacting automotive design today and in the future
    • Learn more about the personas who use Alias today and how Autodesk anticipates this will evolve in the future
    • See demos of the new functionality being developed for Alias
    • Learn how the new functionality being added to Alias might significantly impact your design process