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Migrating to AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise: A Real-World Experience

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    This class will present the challenges that were encountered, the methods that were used to overcome the challenges, and the successes that were achieved while migrating a medium-sized municipal electric utility to AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise software. Independence Power and Light (IPL) in Independence, Missouri, underwent a full system migration with Autodesk Consulting this year. That migration included replacing many homegrown and legacy systems with modern Autodesk technology as well as integration with and interfaces to other systems vital to the utility. Autodesk Consulting performed a full system assessment and worked closely with IPL to develop a road map to successfully make these changes.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how Autodesk GIS software can help
    • Start thinking about your own migration project
    • Describe how business needs drive migration needs
    • Identify potential business areas where project problems might arise