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Microsoft Power BI and AutoCAD Plant 3D: Improve Decisions with Data Visibility

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    Connecting Microsoft Power Bi to AutoCAD Plant 3D software enables your organization to apply business intelligence to your design models. Learn how to raise the visibility of the design process by giving project managers, engineers, and other teams access to your model data without interrupting the design process. Power BI can help answer questions like: What's the project progress in modeling? How many lines still need isometrics? Did all my equipment get modeled yet? Is my line list complete? These are common questions to ask, but they can require so much work to get an answer that the design process has to stop. With Power Bi, your reporting and project status information can be pulled in parallel with your design efforts. By being able to bring the status information to a weekly stand-up meeting, your team can focus on discussing solutions instead of discovering problems.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to connect Power BI to AutoCAD Plant 3D SQLite or SQL Server databases
    • Learn how to navigate the AutoCAD Plant 3D data model
    • Learn how to create Model Dashboard
    • Learn how to view progress status of the design by comparing PnID lines to modeled and isometrics