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Machining Processes for High-Temperature Aerospace Alloys

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    The aerospace industry has always necessitated a high degree of precision-be that in the aerofoil designs of the wings or the complex electronics on board. Designs may be as detailed as possible, but these ideas need to be accurate when they become a reality. This class will provide insight into how certain aerospace parts are manufactured, such as bladed disks (blisks) for a turbine. Blisks often need to be machined near perfectly, as any change in geometry has the chance to drastically reduce the fuel efficiency of an entire system. They are also usually created from incredibly strong materials like titanium or Inconel-further increasing the difficulty of manufacture. The Autodesk Advanced Consulting Team in Birmingham, United Kingdom, has a lot of experience with this sort of process, working with a wide variety of customers within the industry. We'll share some of the experiences we have encountered over recent years and how their related engineering challenges were overcome.

    Key Learnings

    • Find out about the work of the Autodesk Advanced Consulting Team based in Birmingham, England
    • See how Autodesk software can be combined together to solve complex engineering problems
    • Learn about subtractive manufacturing processes from real-world industrial examples
    • Explore the types of manufacturing challenges present in the aerospace industry