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The Logical Choice: Creating iLogic Templates and iLogic Title Block Automation

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    The Inventor iLogic software environment is an extremely powerful tool for configured design development, but we can utilize it to generate smart templates and forms to hasten daily tasks. We can use simple user interfaces to drag and drop parameters and iProperties to a user interface with no need for programming. Form definitions can be document specific, and we can save them with a design document or store them for use across multiple documents. This class will introduce simple Inventor iLogic software routines as well as simple form creation to enhance design productivity for common tasks.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop simple Inventor iLogic software rules to control design intent and compliancy
    • Learn how to control how Inventor iLogic software rules and forms are triggered by users
    • Learn how to construct a form in Inventor software to control drawing title blocks and borders
    • Learn how to enhance the reporting and tracking of your important design data