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Leveraging AutoCAD capabilities for design of pit sludge emptying solutions

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    Sanergy implements a pit sludge management service to capture harmful pit waste that would otherwise be dumped in the open environment. With AutoCAD’s automation and digital capabilities, such as the Trace tool, Count, design center library, tool palettes, mobile app, the team has been able to accurately design and build user-centered pit waste containment centers in Nairobi’s informal settlements where manual pit emptiers (MPEs) can safely empty their waste and clean their equipment. This session covers Sanergy’s approach to generating valuable design insights based on feedback received from site users (MPEs) and how AutoCAD automation and digital tools have been key to this initiative. The talk will also walk you through the benefits gained by embracing AutoCAD’s automation and digital tools and the opportunities they present to the construction industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement human centered design techniques to deliver construction solutions that meet the needs of users
    • Adopt AutoCAD automation for better design efficiency, reduce design errors and complexities
    • Implement AutoCAD digital tools for improved collaboration accomplish quick design iterations based on user feedback
    • Learn how to maximize AutoCAD new capabilities to streamline design workstreams