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Leveraging Artificial Satellite Data in High-Low Mix Design Environment

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    Many professionals have started utilizing satellite-based data in their design process to mitigate the risks from global warming, negative environmental impacts, COVID-19, low-intensity/large-scale conflicts, and other unforeseeable events. There are many types and a wide range of data format variations of 2D and 3D data derived from satellites, but the truth is that it's not always straightforward to "read" satellite-based data from your Autodesk design environment. In this case study, I will cover the following satellite-data-related topics, satellite data 101, benefits and limitations, examples of successful ACE projects, then some common pitfalls you would run into. I then will demonstrate how to cleanse and manage satellite data for 3 levels of design toolsets, namely AutoCAD, AutoCAD Plus, and AEC collection. Lastly, several latest open/free global scale satellite-based geo-data that could be leveraged in large-scale conceptual / master planning of AEC projects will be shown.

    Key Learnings

    • Establish a basic understanding of GIS and satellite data so that you can “google” to find what you need when you need
    • Reaffirm GIS support functionality in Autodesk product family, and why you may need to know workarounds in some cases
    • Remember some web resources where you can find free and paid geospatial data
    • Master when and why you need vertical products (Plus, Civil 3D, and InfraWorks) in terms of handling geo-data