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The Learning Hat Trick- 3 Ways to Meet Your Goals

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    <p>Learning is a continuous journey, but there are times when you just need answers: soon, immediately, and eventually. Soon: You took training a while ago but want a quick refresher before you dive into your next project. This type of learning is often put off or just skimmed because it needs to be brief and high-level Immediately: You're in the middle of designing and need one more component to complete your task. You might be able to do a web search for what you need, but how can you be sure it is the correct information? Eventually: You want to learn more about a product or delve into something completely new in a comprehensive way. You need substantial information presented in a way that is digestible for your style of learning. This type of training can be the hardest to justify and get supported. In this session, we look at how progressive organizations use eLearning and technical support to address their team’s common needs, keeping them focused on their goals.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the different learning needs that users experience
    • Apply best practices to match learning goals with types of training
    • See the value of an all-encompassing learning solution
    • Justify eLearning and support needs for professional growth