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Keynotes in Civil 3D: How to Hack Sheet Set Manager Like a Pro

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    As a civil engineer, you know how essential it is to keep your project organized, especially when it comes to keynotes. Sheet Set Manager in Civil 3D software can be a useful tool for managing sheets, but did you know that you can also use it for keynotes? By hacking Sheet Set Manager using custom subsets with Dynamo, you can quickly and easily add, edit, and manage keynotes across your project. With Dynamo, you can automate many repetitive tasks in Sheet Set Manager, such as adding new keynotes, modifying existing ones, and updating the sheet references. You can also use Dynamo to generate a custom keynote legend that displays all the keynotes used in your project, making it easy to review and manage. By taking advantage of the power of Dynamo, you can simplify your workflow, save time, and ensure accuracy in your keynote management.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Sheet Set Manager for keynotes in Civil 3D.
    • Learn about automating repetitive tasks with Dynamo.
    • Discover how to create a custom keynote legend with Dynamo.
    • Learn about managing keynotes with accuracy and efficiency using Dynamo.