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Inventor TNT (Tips and Tricks): Avoid Mistakes for Maximum Productivity

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    Inventor software is a powerful design tool, but must be used correctly. Come and learn about common mistakes that Inventor users make. Users familiar with other 3D design apps often improperly replicate steps in Inventor that do not work the same way. Everyday Inventor users often lose time by using important functions incorrectly. Regardless of skill set or background, this lesson will help you understand the correct way to use Inventor for creating parts, assemblies, and drawings while avoiding common mistakes. In addition, this session will take a closer look at template setup, assembly constraints, drawing views, iLogic, bills of materials, Content Center, and best practices for property management. You will learn how to configure Inventor for maximum performance. The results? Productivity!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to avoid common mistakes
    • Learn how to improve productivity with templates, BOMs, and iLogic
    • Gain tips and tricks for parts, assemblies, and drawings
    • Discover the proper use of Content Center and properties management