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An Introduction To Vault

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    Do you know what Vault software is? Do you know what Vault software is really for? Do you know why you should use it? This class will answer those questions. Come and join us as we give an introduction to the Vault software products. We'll start with a quick overview of the products and then progress into what they are and why you should use them. Knowing why you use the features can be just as important as the way that you use them. If you are anything but a "power user" of Vault software, this class is for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover why you need to use Vault software and how it fits into your workflows
    • Gain a foundation of Vault software knowledge that will help you to use it to its full extent
    • Discover the differences between the Vault software products from Autodesk, and identify the most suitable fit for you
    • Learn how to use real-world examples and course documentation to educate your team