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Introduction to Impact Assessment for Design

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    How might designers and architects utilize impact assessment strategies, tactics and tools to show the effects of their work? This is the question we will address during a 90-minute roundtable discussion. After a brief introduction to our research project on impact assessment, we will dive into discussion on what is impact measurement, how to incorporate it into the design process, why it's important, and which organizations are leading the charge. Participants will then break out into small groups to learn and test the Theory of Change, a popular tool to map project and organizational impact. Finally, we will wrap up with key lessons learned and �impactful' steps each participant can use for their work.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the importance of impact measurement within the context of the architecture and design industries.
    • Become familiar with the impact assessment planning tool Theory of Change.
    • Learn how to apply Theory of Change to a project or organization.
    • Obtain knowledge about different organizations that are currently measuring their impact and the relevant context within which they work.