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Industrial Robotic CNC Machining using PowerMILL Robot

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    Industrial robotic automation is becoming the standard for manufacturing sophistication and efficiency in many industries. PowerMILL Robot combines the CAM control that users have come to know and love from Delcam with intuitive robotic-arm configuration and motion control. This course will begin by using PowerMILL machine tool configurations to define a basic 6-axis robotic arm from an articulated CAD model. We will then move into part setup for both a static situation and a dynamic situation using an external workpiece positioner for our seventh axis. We will create machining approaches on the fly by moving the robot joints separately or in tandem and then creating workplaces from our tool center point. Finally, we will use PowerMILL finishing toolpaths with the robotic arm and learn how to manage and monitor robotic joint motion using PowerMILL Robot simulation tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to define your robotic arm using template libraries and custom machine tool configurations
    • Learn how to position the part relative to the robot in a static position and on an external axis
    • Learn how to create workplanes on the fly from robotic arm tool center-point positions
    • Learn how to manage and monitor robotic joint motion using robot simulation tools