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Implementing a Facilities Data Spec with Autodesk Tandem

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    Firms use different facilities data standards for classifying building data and parameters used in the modeling process. Autodesk Tandem technology focuses on normalizing the data to meet owner requirements. As data is captured or created during a project, it will be normalized into the digital twin via classification schemes specified by the facility owner. Autodesk Tandem is establishing a workflow to specify the project's operational and data requirements in collaboration with the facility owner. This helps ensure that data is captured seamlessly during design and construction while the project team verifies completeness at each milestone. This enables a highly accurate digital twin that can be commissioned and handed over in an easily repeatable way. This class will focus on the specific data an owner needs to operate and maintain a building. We’ll discuss the workflows and questions to ask owner’s facility teams for the successful implementation of Autodesk Tandem.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the critical questions to ask owners’ facilities teams to focus on essential asset data needed for implementation.
    • Learn about how to simplify the handover process.
    • Learn about how to implement asset data requirements, establish responsibilities, and set dates for the data deliverable.
    • Learn about establishing standards for a connected building.