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If your products make an impact, let me introduce you to Explicit Dynamics
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The explicit dynamics method is ideal for modeling highly nonlinear, large-deformation, contact-dominated problems that involve impact, multibody contact, and highly nonlinear material behavior. This class will introduce the basic concepts behind Autodesk, Inc.’s, explicit dynamics technology and explain why it is so well suited for highly nonlinear problems. We will cover the differences between implicit methods and explicit methods and explain when it is appropriate to use the explicit technology. You will learn how to obtain quasistatic solutions from the explicit dynamics method, and how to construct an appropriate model for analysis. We will cover the concepts of automatic time step selection inherent in explicit dynamics and the effect of mesh size on run times. We will present numerous examples to demonstrate how to set up a simulation and obtain results.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use explicit dynamics simulation technology to solve large deformation contact-dominated problems
  • Learn how to obtain quasistatic results from explicit dynamics technology
  • Learn the basic concepts behind explicit dynamics and how to construct an appropriate model
  • Discover the basic concepts of the explicit dynamics method



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