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If Your Heart Breaks, Can You Print a New One?

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    3D printed organs made from your own cells? It sounds like science fiction, but the biotech industry is headed in that direction thanks in part to recent advancements in 3D printing by Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC, a subsidiary of Autodesk Platinum Partner, Advanced Solutions, Inc. During this class, hear firsthand from Michael Golway, President & CEO of Advanced Solutions. He will tell the story of bringing the BioAssemblyBot™ and TSIM™ Lab Quest tabletop workstation to market using Autodesk Digital Prototyping processes. This integrated 3D printing workstation empowers physicians, researchers, engineers, and scientists to design, visualize, simulate, and analyze 3D models of complex tissue structures.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how Autodesk Digital Prototyping enables improved collaboration of design concepts before they're built
    • Hear the challenges Advanced Solutions Life Sciences faced working across functional teams before fully adopting DP
    • See video demonstrations of the BioAssemblyBot™ and TSIM™ tabletop workstation which prints 3D models of tissue structures
    • Learn how Advanced Solutions directly benefited from Digital Prototyping workflow to design and commercialize BioAssemblyBot™