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IT for the Design Firm: Don't Be a Stranger in a Strange Land
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Has your design firm worked hard to get to your current level of success? Is everything firing on all cylinders, with clients coming in and great designs going out? Is the IT barrier the only thing preventing you from successfully scaling further? IT doesn't have to be a mystery any longer. Don't miss out on the session that will pull back the curtains and reveal the secrets of success IT in the design firm. Learn the basics of networks and file management. Get tips on servers, backups, and more. Find out why investing dimes today in prevention and good hardware will return dollars in production uptime. If you want your tech to work for you, then this is the session to attend! Never feel like a stranger in the server room again.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the basic makeup of a successful computer network
  • Learn why servers cost more and are worth investing in
  • Learn the basic ideas of network security and where to begin
  • Get some pointers on where to go next, and other useful resources




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