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IFC in Autodesk – The Next Generation

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    Autodesk established the Industry Alliance for Interoperability in 1994 inviting ~20 companies to work on neutral exchange formats for industry. This became the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) 2 years later opening participation to any interested parties, and was renamed again as buildingSMART International (bSI) in 2005. bSI develop and maintain the industry foundation class (IFC) data model and Autodesk has to include infrastructure entities as IFC 4.3, which is set to become ISO 16739:3 in 2023. This presentation will detail Autodesk involvement in IFC 4.3 to ensure its suitability to industry requirements and compatibility with engineering software. Autodesk Product Leads will cover how it is transforming IFC support by adopting the Open Design Alliance (ODA) IFC toolkit for a range of its products, has implemented pioneering infrastructure support for IFC 4.3 within Civil 3D, and cover new investments to extend IFC capability across a wide range of solutions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how buildingSMART International Infrastructure and Railway rooms have undertaken the development of IFC 4.3.
    • Understand how new IFC 4.3 capability is being implemented in Autodesk software.
    • Be confident in applying IFC 4.3 in live projects, understanding what it can offer and how it should be adopted.
    • Become familiar with new investments Autodesk is making in supporting IFC in software.