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Hydraulics and Hydrology: Water Resource Tools in the Infrastructure Design Suite

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    Autodesk, Inc., has given us a variety of water resource tools in Infrastructure Design Suite software. If you are a manager or a designer, you need to know if you can stop paying maintenance on competing software and move your organization forward with a single family design suite of tools. You want to know what is in the suite and if it can do the things you need it to do. In this class you get a better understanding of what equations are being used in which applications and how to find the right fit for the project requirements that are being passed on down to you. We review Storm Sewers, Hydrographs, Express Tools, Storm and Sanitary Analysis, and River Analysis. If you are already familiar with these tools, you will also learn some tips and tricks.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover which tools are available to you in Infrastructure Design Suite software
    • Learn how to determine which tool will suit the design requirements being asked of you
    • Decide if you can terminate some competitive products and save your organization some money
    • Learn how to use some tips and tricks for facilitating the delineation of watersheds and catchment areas